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Copper, Steel, Aluminum and Zinc Custom-Made Roofing



A copper roof is a distinctive roof! It adds greatly to the resale value of your property. Copper is lightweight at approximately 144 lbs per square. This means less structural reinforcement is needed for the roof. Compare this to 350 -750 lbs per square from many other roofing materials. Copper is affordable when compared to materials such as: slate, tile or cedar. When you compare the lifetime costs of a copper roof it is one of the least expensive materials. A roof installed by Metal Roof Systems, Inc. should last well over 100 years! It is environmentally friendly and can achieve a class “A” fire rating.

The rate of patina change is dependent on your climate. Patina change refers to the tarnish that forms on the surface of copper, as a result of age and exposure. It gives copper that unique green look, and it also provides a protective layer that would otherwise cause it to be damaged by weathering. This example of patina change from 1-11 years is for a seaside environment. A roof inland could take 3 times longer to achieve the green-like color. However, copper can be treated to accelerate the patina process. It depends on the client’s preference.

Copper can be used for both residential and commercial buildings to give a distinct look. The possibilities are endless!


It is the strongest standing seam roof and is highly wind and hail resistant. It is lightweight at 1.45 lbs. per square foot. Steel is class “A” fire rated. The average roof by Metal Roof Systems, Inc will last 50 years. You can choose from 30 colors. Use one color or combine several for a unique look!


It is the lightest of all metal materials. Aluminum is less expensive and a good alternative to copper, costing about 60-65% of a copper roof. It’s great for a salt-air environment, as it does not rust. A roof will last 50 years when installed by Metal Roof Systems, Inc.

There are 20 great colors to choose from or combine for an architecturally custom look!


Zinc is for the customer who wants a distinctive look in a variety of natural colors. Roofing & siding is maintenance free and will last up to 100 years. Metal Roof Systems, Inc. is certified in Zinc work.


Fabricated in all materials and colors. Custom made accessories can make the difference when it comes to unique architectural art. For more then twenty years Metal Roof Systems, Inc. has been creating what architects dream up on paper. A true artist when it comes to detail, Jaan is proud of his work and willing to give references when asked.

  • Seamless fascia and OG gutters
  • Coping cap
  • Concealed venting ridge
  • Concealed venting eave
  • J-Clad fascias and exposed beams
  • Half round gutters
  • Custom made internal gutters
  • Down spouts

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