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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a copper roof last?
A copper roof will last well over 100 years.

Can I attach solar to a metal roof?
Yes you can. In fact, a metal roof is the best roof to accommodate solar installations. You can clamp an S-5 clamp directly to the standing seam with out penetrating the roof. Most other roof types require penetrations and potential leaks in the future.

Is metal roofing an environmentally friendly roof system?
Yes. Metal roofing is one of the “Greenest” roof systems. It is fully recyclable after it’s useful life.  It easily accommodates solar, and water harvesting.

Is metal roofing expensive?
Metal roofing costs approximately twice as much as an asphalt composition shingle roof per square foot, however when you break down the life cycle cost (cost per year) of metal roofing it is quite reasonable due to its longevity.

Is a metal roof good in fire zones? 
Yes a metal roof with a fire resistant slip sheet gives you the highest possible fire rating achievable. Some jurisdictions require a fire resistant slip sheet=”CLASS A ASSEMBLY”.

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